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Add hostel,Add tour - Youth Hostel,Independent Hostel and Accomodation is the elite resource through which any potential hostelling customer can make a reservation/booking online today. We are able to provide nearly as many different possibilities as there are people, also we have a huge databases of all the available hostels and tour packages on the web. Plus, we are now offering a new feature which can aid our future customers by offering the site in 4 and more come languages. These four languages are: English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The community section of our website, which features the option to review all of the information we and frequent travelers have provided for the travelers will give you chance to post your hostel's and tour company's any improvements and deals for hostellers.
We make it possible for advertising hostels and tour companies to increase their beds and products sales:
The is the elite resource through which any potential budget traveler can make a reservation or booking online today.

By joining the today your business' information will automatically become part of the fastest growing database of Hostels and Tours on the web for today's Hosteller.
  • (FREE!) Translation into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English with German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish in the works.
  • (FREE!) Personalized listing of your Hostel or Tour on your city or country page.
  • (FREE!) Micro site to explain all your Hostel or Tours features, benefits and recent changes.
  • (FREE!) Unique In-Box system to go thru your company’s availabilities or online bookings.
  • (FREE!) 24-hour access to all of the benefits and more.
Acknowledging any online bookings through your hostel's and tour companies' feedback by employing the following:
  • A brief explanatory text about your hostel and tour.
  • A link to additional data that is transferred over to your micro site.
  • Unique Inbox systems with a high technology go through to your hostel's and tour companies' availabilities and online bookings supplied by the Inbox system.
  • Better positioning on your city and country page.
Q. How do I review reservations for my Hostel/Tour Company?
A. After becoming a member of the Hosteltimes you will receive your ID & Password then access your Hostel inbox( our tour inbox ( Allocate tours or rooms you wish to sell to the Hosteltimes members. After a user/member books with your company. an email will automatically notify you about any new bookings. Simply access your inbox to confirm this new booking and to review the availability for your Hostel/Tour Company.
You will receive the highest positioning on your city and country page for maximum exposure, personalized explanatory text about your hostel, a link to additional data that will be transferred directly to your hostels micro site, and more. The cost of this service for 1 full year is only USD$500.00. To apply for Platinum Membership is just access your company’s inbox at with your ID and Password and click the "PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP" tab if you are the hostel inbox user. Fill out the application form we provide and you will hear back from us within 2 days of its submission.

Q. How can I have a "Platinum Listing"?
A. Access your hostel's Inbox area, then by clicking on "PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP" an application form will appear, Just fill out the form, submit it then we will answer you within a day. Or, you can E-mail us at:
You will receive the highest positioning on your city and country page for maximum exposure, personalized explanatory text about your tours, a link to additional data that will be transferred directly to your Tour micro site, and more. Hurry up & sign up, we will give you ID and password to access your inbox system, then distribute all of your tour packages you intend on selling via No additional charges will be applied for obtaining Online Bookings. We simply require a technology commission charge on reservations made by this system. You have access to change your micro site's information, and allocations anytime when you choose to do so by way of a secure log-in area on the internet.
  • 1 Tour is always free to list
  • the cost for 2-3 tours $500.00
  • the cost for 4-5 tours $800.00
  • the cost for 7-10 tours $1,000.00
Fill out our inquiry form and our expert support team will respond as soon as possible with answers or suggestions specific to your question. Feel free to contact us,
Submit your inquiry here explaining your company's product and intention. Remember to include your contact information so after we review your request you can be notified.
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