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other city 费城
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谢谢您的惠临!您选择了 费城地区,我们为您精选了该地区内您可享受的最佳冒险旅游。各种多彩丰富的冒险旅游正在等着您选择。点击您所感兴趣的冒险旅游,就可以阅览该旅游相关详细信息。我们珍惜您的每一秒每一分,为了向您提供更好的服务,并能得取您的青睐,我们每天尽力而为。
您选择的日期: 2018年1月18日
6 Philadelphia Attractions provided by CityPass
The Philadelphia Zoo is a great place to begin or end your city tour with CityPass. Upon arrival to your first attraction on first presentation, the booklet will be stamped to establish the valid period, which is specified, by city, from first use. After you present your voucher, you receive your CityPass voucher booklet. This booklet will contain your individual vouchers for each attraction listed with CityPass for Philadelphia. The agent will remove that attraction's ticket, and you'...More
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Not Available 费城 6 Hour(s) 25 不限年龄
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