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Terms and Conditions

Your use of this website is subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


This agreement is between you, the user, and
  • 1. You acknowledge that ("Hosteltimes") facilitates confirmed reservations for accommodation services or tour services and that Hosteltimes do not own, operate, or provide any accommodation.
  • 2. Your contract is with the accommodation service provider or tour service provider ("Service provider"), not Hosteltimes. It is the service provider's responsibility to provide you with accommodation service or tour service. It is the responsibility of the Service provider to provide Hosteltimes website with accurate information pertaining to the services provided therein.
  • 3. When you make a reservation, you shall pay a non-refundable deposit (10% of the total price of accommodation booking). The balance including additional services/fees is payable to the service provider upon arrival in the preferred currency of the Service provider. Some tour companies may ask you to pay the balance in advance.
  • 4. Price conversions in currencies other than US Dollars are made using frequently updated inter-bank rates collected from reputable sources but are not guaranteed to be accurate.
  • 5. You must use a credit card or debit card to guarantee a reservation. You agree that all information you provide Hosteltimes, including credit card information will be accurate and complete. You authorize Hosteltimes to disclose, on a confidential basis, to any party with whom Hosteltimes has business relations all relevant information relating to your dealing with website and us.
  • 6. Hosteltimes makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all credit card transactions are secure. However, if unauthorized charges appear on your credit card statement for the card used on Hosteltimes at any time during or after you make your reservation, Hosteltimes is not liable or responsible in any way for any damage or loss suffered.
  • 7. Deposits are non-refundable. In the highly unlikely event of a problem arising, our liability to you, if any, is limited to the deposit and the reservation fee you paid.
  • 8. Cancellation must be made through the user's "My booking Info" or directly with the service provider. Hosteltimes does not accept responsibility for cancellations by the user or by the Service provider regardless of the circumstances in which the cancellation is made.
  • 9. Hosteltimes does not accept responsibility for any changes of reservations made by the users. Once you make any changes in your reservation, your reservation is no longer valid, and you will lose your non-refundable deposit from the original reservation.
  • 10. All amendments to your reservation must be notified to and agreed with the Service provider directly.
  • 11. It shall be the user's responsibility to disclose to the Service provider any physical or mental condition to which you or a member of your party is subject to and of which to the Service provider should be notified and which may require special facilities.
  • 12. We will, but are not responsible for, issue notification from the website on behalf of the Service provider to confirm your reservation. Upon completion of the initial transaction Hosteltimes is not responsible for any overbooking, or other issue that may arise between the user and the Service provider.
  • 13. All transactions through the Hosteltimes website are final. Hosteltimes is not responsible for any charges that incur as a result of any cancellation. Your only recourse would be to contact the Service provider in which you would then be subject to cancellation and refund policy of the Service provider.
  • 14. In the event of no-show without cancellation, the Service provider has the right to charge the first nights accommodation unless stated otherwise by the Service provider.
  • 15. The website takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any claims or statements posted or contained in the documents and related graphics provided by the affiliates on the Hosteltimes website. We are not responsible or liable for any changes made by the affiliates within their own specific policies or Terms and Conditions.
  • 16. Hosteltimes reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as well as the contents of this website for any reason and without notice. This right shall not affect the terms and conditions accepted by you upon making a legitimate reservation.
  • 17. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and California State Law applicable therein.