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City Travel Tips

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Mexico City Cancun
International Caribbean Resort
The best way to spend your days in Cancun depends on you. The beach and lying around all day is great for some but for those who want more try, try some shopping at one of the large malls or flea markets. For those who want to experience as much as possible try snorkeling, SCUBA DIVING, DEEP-SEA FISHING, JUNGLE TOURS, PARASAILNG, or SUBMARINE TRIPS. With so much to do choose one or two that sound good to you for a morning or afternoon excursion. The nights in Cancun get hot and wild.
Try taking a tour to one of the Mayan ruins around the area. Chichen Itza This Mayan capital city was once the most advanced city in the Americas. The importance of this city can be seen just from the sites that still exist, The Temple of the Warriors, the Sacred Well, the place where countless victims were sacrificed to ancient gods, magnificent pyramid of Kukulkan (75 feet high), and of course the Ball Court. One of the most famous attractions of Cancun is of course the "Dolphin Swim," this paradise has it all. (This is normally around $120) with all choices the best source you have is the front desk of the hostel you stay at. Since Cancun has really only been around for 30 years there is very little history or culture to such a new city. The main reason most people go is for the Surf, Sand, and Fun so enjoy.