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City Travel Tips

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The Symbol of Arizona
Start your day by taking a long, yet very scenic ride on a mule, descending the steep hills. Though, at first you may be feeling like turning back, but stick it out, as after your trip here is done, you will discover so many of the hidden treasures here, just have to look for them. Next, track over a bit to the west, until you reach the Yavapai Observation Station, from here, you can make use of the particular facilities which features panoramic views of the Canyon through huge windows made for observation. Afterwards, you retrace your steps, heading back east bound. Follow the path all of the way to the bottom, it is a rather tiring hike, but you can catch an opportunity, rarely obtained by the usual tourists.From the base of the canyon, you can look up to the very spot by which you began your descent into the canyon. The view is absolutely magnificent. If you manage not to have eaten by now, then you should ascend the step hill once more, and hit a restaurant, of which there are not many, so your selection will be fairly limited. The cap off such a wonderful day, would be best done by revisiting the Yavapai Observation Station, though it may be closed once you actually get there, that does not mean, that you cannot just sit down, and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful night view.