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City Travel Tips

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City of Angels
Many of you, who just got into L.A, may wish to simply get to your hostel and sleep, before you explore the many wonders of Los Angeles. Start it all off by parading up and down Hollywood Boulevard infamous Walk of Fame, next check out the "Hollywood Wax Museum" which has on exhibit life-size models of stars of yesterday and today immortalized in wax. There is also the "Guinness Book of Records Museum" and the "Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum" All of them are all still on Hollywood Boulevard. (Then just Catch the 217 metro bus" over to 3rd and Fairfax Ave, by heading west on Hollywood Boulevard, and down to 3rd street and stop by the Farmer's Market, of which is shade of different color, take a bit of time to admire the numerous amount of stalls and restaurants, all the while you are under an umbrella enjoying a nice cool Fresco. grab a bite to eat, then you may find it quite refreshing to walk south a few blocks following Fairfax until you reach Melrose for a little light shopping, and just looking around. Afterwards, carry on west bound on Melrose and go north a block and then and west on Sunset, now you are on the Sunset strip, here you can find some brilliant nightlife, no matter what your taste, I guaranteed there is something for everyone here. Or head back to Hollywood for a film, at the "Chinese Man Theatre" or by going to the "El Capitan Theatre" or Egyptian all on Hollywood Blvd. Also in the area on Sunset and Cahuenga is the "Arc Light" By the way, do not forget to sample some of the Sunset's Bar/Pub scene, the likes of "Whiskey a Go Go", many up-and-coming bands played there as they climbed the US charts, other popular hang outs, like the Viper Cub, and/or Mandarin Hotel's Sky Bar, highly exclusive.
The second day on your itinerary take advantage of LA's cultural functions, such as the Getty Centre, as its collections are brilliant and breathtakingly beautiful and could cast a spell on you to the point you would pass the day admiring them, but let's carry on to Wilshire Boulevard, heading downtown(City Centre), to the renown "Museum Row" LACMA, or Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a huge variety of quite possibly every type of art style/type available. However, something more on the lines of history, more specifically, automotive history, then you should mosey on over to the Peterson Automotive Museum or Page Museum, which is situated along side an actual site of Tar Pits, the La Brea Tar Pits. Since we have gone though the museum scene, agricultural scene, it is time to move on to shopping, perfected by both the LA locals and tourists alike, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, LA shopping at its best. If you prefer High end merchandise. Do not miss the opportunity to check out some of the many brilliantly beautiful mansions in Beverly Hills as well. If you like a good deal just head down to the fashion district and Santee Alley for the best deals around. (Metro Red Line to Perishing Square then just ask one of the people for directions it's really the easiest way.
The beach, for either soaking up some sun rays, and/or swimming. You can stop in Venice and parade about on the boardwalk there, and if you'd fancy it, then rent a bike , you are also within walking distance of Santa Monica Beach, so ride on over there, and enjoy yourself on the pier, and participate in the amusements, and other events that may be going on. Shortly afterwards, walk or take a ride north to Ocean Avenue, and then head east on Santa Monica Boulevard until you come to the Third Street Promenade, and here you can do some more shopping /or grab something to drink and a bite to eat, then if you still have time left, do a bit of celebrity spotting. There are also a great deal of hiking trails in the Hollywood Hills, Maybe ask a local to take you up?