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City Travel Tips

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The Queen City of the South
The French Quarter in the heart of the city, a traditional breakfast in Jackson Square is a good start; Cafe du Monde is our first choice. A stroll along the riverfront with its galleries and varied shops will provide a good feel for the Quarter. A tour of the old Homes museums like the Hermann-Grina, or Cabildo is always a good choice. (Closed Monday's) Lunch should definitely be some Muffuletta, or a true New Orleans Classic the Po Boy sandwich. The best choice at this point is a nice afternoon nap, (you'll need it if you plan on checking out the Quarter after dark) An early dinner will just get you going as the French Quarter will open up and just see where the night will lead. The "Hurricane" is a great drink to start with. Watch out for dark alleys and try to stick to the better traveled areas. Light's and people are a must.
After a long night you may find that most of the morning, can just slip away. No need to worry as the St Charles streetcar is not that far away. A ticket to Uptown or the Garden District will provide a nice easy day after long night. With Mansions and Old Oak trees the mood will be relaxed and smooth. Maybe that's why the call it the "Big Easy." For those of you who didn't spend all night out, you'll find that the Audubon Zoo one of America's best is always fun for an afternoon. Lunch how important is this? If you find your self hungry just find on of those Muffuletta's or Po Boy's to tide you over. Most of you will choose another night in the Quarter, but for those of you who don't discover on of the many evening tours in New Orleans.
Alright enough is enough; let's head out of the city for a bus tour, to the local plantations, or one of the museums in town. There are also tours of the Swamps, around. Check at the front desk for the one that fits you best.