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City Travel Tips

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The Capital of the World
A great way to start off your trip in the Big Apple would be to atop of the world-renown Empire State Building, and take in the whole of The NYC Skyline; it is a simply breathtakingly beautiful view. Next, down 5th Avenue and by pass the ferocious looking Lions protectors of the New York Public Library. Take some Time to admire the fine marble that makes up practically the whole building. Head on down the street until you get to Times Square, this is the theatre and shopping district as well. From here, walk up 7th Avenue heading west bound, shortly you will enter Central Park, take a stroll through its tranquil interior and enjoy its diverse landscapes, running water, nature, even get some Ice Skating done at the Ice Skating Rink. Backtrack, make your way down 7th avenue, to the United Nations Building, Next check out the Chrysler Building, and spend some time here to kind of relax a bit. About now, it should be turning dusk, what a perfect time to return to Times Square, and catch a glimpse of the city as it prepares for the night.
The earlier you can get out and about the better. First off, it is time to go to the Statue of Liberty by way of ferry from Battery Park, bound for Ellis Island. Afterwards, come back in Battery Park. Next, catch the train headed for Times Square, but instead get off at the City Hall stop, at the Brooklyn Bridge, and take a short walk around the iron framed bridge. Return to the subway, and ride downtown a bit, and get off at the Wall/ Nassau Stop. Welcome to the home of the colonial era bar/pub called Fraunces Tavern, the architectural marvel which is the 19th century Trinity church of is the longest standing church in Manhattan, and a place of remembrance for those whose lives were lost on the tragic day of September 11th. the sun ought to be setting, an ideal way of ending a perfect day, would be taking in the sunset, go back to Battery Park, here you can grab a bite to eat, underneath the stars. That makes up the New York Skyline.
Some of the finer things in life can be found indoors, stopping by one museums located throughout the city, would be recommend. Art lovers and others alike waste away days here, taking in all of the gorgeous and magnificent paintings and sculptures. You would not want to miss any of the museums hidden away in Central Park. Or if you are with someone you care about, then the two of you could hire a horse and carriage and enjoy a nice, romantic ride through the park. From there, you can get some more shopping done, and some of the finest shops in the world are located in and around Times Square.
It is time to get up and go explore. First up, the American Museum of Natural History, the Dinosaurs is always a winner with all crowds, regardless of age. Back to Central Park, and immerse yourself into its forestry depths, and check out the amazing Shakespeare's gardens, Head to the Central Park zoo, you will find it to be quite refreshing and amusing as well After the urban jungle, go spoil yourself by eating at one the many fine restaurants in Times Square, afterwards take yourself out to catch a live performance, come on, you deserve it, best ones are seen at either Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center for performing arts.
Well, when in doubt, do what all native New Yorkers do, and that is just take a bit to collect your thoughts, and relax, as you have been rather busy over the course of the last few days. If you'd really like to experience some different from the norm, take brunch in China Town. From there, take in SoHo and Nolita, for a chance to catch a glimpse of the numerous art galleries within the vicinity. Go to the Lower East side, and walk along the enclave, does some more shopping in the beautiful Orchard Street Shops, before leaving the area, stop in at the Tenement Museum. The East Village, famously known as Greenwich Village, another place flooded with all kinds of vintage shops. From Union Square, stroll over to Broadway, and check out the chic Flatiron District and the enormous Flatiron Building. Return uptown, and eat dinner a great way to end your final day in the Big Apple, capital of the world.