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City Travel Tips

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Golden Gate City
Arriving in San Francisco, depending on what time you arrive your options will change. The best place to start any trip to San Francisco is the Fisherman's Wharf with its street performers, artists, and tourist shops. The next thing to try out is San Fran's cable cars the line we recommend riding is the Powell-Hyde line. The views on this line are great the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, are some of the more well know sits on this line. The meals and evenings we will leave up to you, the choices are plentiful and not that tough.
There are a variety of places near San Francisco that are just too good to pass up. Napa Valley, the famous California wine country is worth an afternoon or morning. The 10-minute ferry ride Alcatraz, is a must do for San Fran. With some of the U.S.'s most infamous and famed criminals being incarcerated here. The Alcatraz tour is one of the most difficult tours to get tickets for so book in advance. With Golden Gate Park and Bridge, left day 3 is an easy choice.
Golden Gate Park and Bridge will take most of the day, but Haight-Ashbury, is located near Golden Gate Park. 1,000 acres of fun and beauty the highlight is the Japanese Tea Garden, located in the park.