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City Travel Tips

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River of Yellow Rocks
Entering the park from the north or northeast, start in the early morning, viewing wildlife in Lamar Valley. Head south to Dunraven Pass and spend the morning sightseeing. Take the North Rim Drive stopping to, Grandview, and Lookout points. Feel free to stop along the way. Leave the car at either Inspiration Point or Brink of Upper Falls parking areas. Take a walk all on part of the North Rim Trail, with views of the river. Return to your car (if you have one, this tour will take awhile longer if traveling by bicycle.) Take Artist Point Drive to Artist Point for the amazing views of Lower Falls and most of the canyon. Heading clockwise around the Grand Loop's to Norris. At this point you will have to choose what direction to go. South for an afternoon around Old Faithful or maybe north to Mammoth Hot Springs... Old Faithful, start by walking the 1.3-mile Geyser Hill Loop or some of the other Upper Geyser Basin trails. Since you've come all this way, join the other visitors waiting for the next eruption: try it from the deck at the Old Faithful Inn. (Also a place worth looking around.) The day will soon be ending so head back to camp or hostel and enjoy the evening Mammoth, try parking at the base of the Lower Terrace and hike the Lower Terrace Interpretive Trail past Liberty Cap past unique limestone forms... driving 1.5 miles south of the visitor center will take you to Upper Terrace Drive, with more close-ups of hot springs and a view of both terraces... Later, you can look around Mammoth's red-roof Army buildings and start the evening with dinner at the Mammoth Hotel Dining Room or the Terrace Grill. Then on to the evening's events.
Entering from the south or west, focusing on the geyser basins around Old Faithful, Norris Geyser Basin, Canyon, and Yellowstone Lake. Old Faithful's trails normally have elk in the early morning. Explore the Upper Geyser Basin around Old Faithful, Going north towards Norris Geyser Basin, hen on to 3-mile Firehole Lake Drive. After arriving walk the 1/4 mile to Steamboat, the world's tallest active geyser (not the most active in rarely erupts), look around the Norris Museum's geyseriana. After you've done all that drive the 12 miles east to Canyon (take lunch when ever you feel like it.) After exploring the Canyon, head south past Hayden Valley with an eye out for bison and other wildlife. The 16 miles to Bridge Bay at Yellowstone Lake's northern end. Offer more of what has made Yellowstone what it is today. Try a Scenic cruise boat tour around the northern lake, Then Dinner sounds great you choose.
If coming from the east, starting at sunrise With Lake Butte and the morning wildlife in Hayden Valley, Going counterclockwise the Grand Loop's southern half for some morning and mid day sightseeing at Old Faithful. Then towards Yellowstone Lake at West Thumb. Try taking the lake's western shore back up to Bridge Bay for an afternoon boat ride. Then on to your final evening in Yellowstone, why not spend the evening having a nice dinner at one of the hotels around. It will be a great end to all of the driving and hiking that Yellowstone offers. Or just head in to one of the towns for a late night, drinking and playing pool with the locals.