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City Travel Tips

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Incomparable Valley
Setting up your camp is the first thing to do. Make sure to follow all of the rules of Yosemite Valley the are there for your own protection. Take the time to visit the information center, to see if there are, scheduled ranger led walks, as well as numerous others programs run by the rangers at Yosemite. It is no doubt that hiking will be the main thing you do while in Yosemite, so here is a list of hikes to do while you ate there feel free to mix them up. Pick up a pamphlet at the trailhead or at the Valley Visitor Center. Yosemite Falls from the parking the trail begins this is the easiest trail to hike in Yosemite. The trail leads to a bridge that Crosses the water that flows from Yosemite Falls. There is Upper and Lower sections of the falls. The lower section is normally the point where most visitors stop and go back. If you cross the bridge the is a trail that will take you threw the forest. This walk will eventually lead to John Muir's cabin. The view of Yosemite Falls in the background is serene. Spend the evening strolling around the village and taking in the sites of the valley. In the evening remember to lock all of your food in the bear boxes; they will visit the valley to see who has left food around for them. There is a LARGE FINE if you do not use the bear boxes.
Eat some breakfast, pack a lunch and get started. Shuttle Bus Stop No. 17 (near the valley stables) it will take you to Mirror Lake, spring and early summer is the best time to view this lake. By the time summer is over the lake is gone. The trails around Mirror Lake are pleasant and peaceful. Head back to camp, choose a quick hike of your own choice, and then hit the road to the next place on your holiday.