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English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official), other 17.5%
32.0 million
Roman Catholic 46%, Protestant 36%, other 18%
Canada is an ideal place to visit for those who are interested in snowboarding, city life, or wilderness. The fact that Canada is speckled with 2 million lakes, and flanked by the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains makes for rugged land and good hearted people. For those who like the city scene better, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are always f ull of things to do. Mostly an English speaking country, roughly 41% speaks French. The largest attraction would have to be the famous Niagara falls. Also, the great lakes make up the largest fresh water lakes in the world, and Banf, a national park that is on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Bundle up in the winter time which gets as low as -25C, but don??t believe anybody who tells you it doesn??t get hot in the summer, highs are up to 35C. Some ideal Hostels in the Hostel Globetrotter which is close to two parks and Le Gite du Plateau Mont-Royal, which is surrounded by things to do and plentiful events.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Mean temp(?? -11 -10.1 -3.6 5.1 12.8 18.2 20.6 19.3 14.7 8.1 0.7 -7.9
Precipitation(mm) 67 58.9 66.7 59.9 71.8 81.7 85.6 80.2 77.4 68.6 70.3 73.8